Support Jesus! Cheer Him On!



Support Jesus! Cheer Him On!

I like to think that since God is outside of time, his blessings are unaffected by time in a way.

Because then we can think that maybe, when we thank Jesus, praise Him, tell him we love Him, and everything, maybe he, in the past, hears it. It comes as a blessing from God from us in the future, and we as the Body of Christ help give Him strength to do what he did, but only by the grace of God which has us wishing these blessings upon Jesus.

Our love for him supports him in loving us, supports us in loving him, supports him in loving us...etc...etc... It's a big circle. And you know they say that circles represent the way things work in the heavens.

I've thought of a lot of things like that that make "circles". Can't recall anything else at the moment though.

Just a thought.