Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site.

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Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site.

We were all excited the first day we signed in here. It's a great place, and I know you are just itching all over to dive right into this wonderful community and participate in many wonderful discussions. Ah, but before you jump into the swimming pool without taking your shoes off, I thought it might be useful to share with you what may make your experience here nicer. There are several things to note:

First, your profile. I know, I know. You've probably been to TONS of places where nobody even looks at that information. And yeah, maybe you are a little nervous about sharing your personal info here. But remember, we're all friends here. If you are a Christian, then you should be PROUD to set an example and share your testimony. Who knows, maybe it will be your little bit of info that helps encourage someone who's 'been there'. So, make sure you fill it all out.

Second, we recognize that this is a Christian forum. We are not a Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Catholic, or any other denomination. People who come here have many, many different backgrounds. And while I know you are bursting with pride to share your beliefs with us, and we will be overjoyed to hear your thoughts, keep in mind that Christian modesty is also important. We all agreed to the most important and basic tenants of Christianity when we agreed to come here, so while you may heartily believe in a particular aspect of your denomination, don't be surprised if there are others who don't like being continuously reminded about how much better your theology is than theirs.

Third, think about WHY you want to join us before posting. This is a FRIENDLY...let me say it again...FRIENDLY Christian only Community. We are here to support each other. If you have come to advertise your website, denomination, ignorance, or anything else, please let us know in advance so that we can block your account without the usual controversy. Nobody here wants to debate or argue with you. You can go somewhere else if that is what you are looking for. You do NOT hold the only truths in the universe, and God has not opened up a special and unique line of communication to you that makes your opinions more important and true than everyone here. This is not the place to grumble about politics or how you feel you have been persecuted. If you feel that someone has wronged you, we will be happy to help council with you, but if you are only posting to complain, then we would like to direct you to the complaints department. It is down the hall, 2nd door on the left, take the elevator to the 12th flood, make the first three lefts, take the next elevator back to the 4th floor, there you will find a Sherpa. He doesn't know where the complaint department is, but he has been trained to smile and nod, so you can complain to him all you want until you get it out of your system.

Fourth, relax and have fun. We promote a very casual environment here, and while the nature of our beliefs causes some discussions to get very serious, they should never, ever become and argument, or even a debate. This is a place of fellowship, support, encouragement, and learning. If you are not here for one of these reasons, you will not be happy here. We are truly sorry if you do NOT enjoy your time here, but that does not mean you have a right to ruin anyone else's time here. You can join our fellowship, participate in our conversations, games, or whatever else interests you.

Fifth, agenda. This is mostly covered in the previous points, but I feel that I cannot say it enough. If you have an agenda for being here, leave it at the door. You are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions with us, but remember that we recognize the Word of God as the truth, and your personal thoughts on that are still your opinion.

Sixth, Be sure to protect your personal information, both in your profile and in your posts. There are a lot of bad people out there who think it is fun to stalk and persecute Christians, so please be sure to protect your full name, birth dates, social security numbers, and other identifying information from prying eyes. The forum DOES have a place to enter your birth date, but this is not shared with anyone but the board administrator, and is required information to prevent the illegal collection of information from underage users.

Lastly, spammers. I doubt any of you will actually read this post, but the few that do, I ask you to think again. yeah, maybe somewhere you've seen some self-righteous hypocrisy. That does not mean that Christianity is bogus, or even that all Christians are jerks. Your time here will be brief, and whatever damage you think you will be doing will disappear and be forgotten. Nobody thinks your ignorant jokes are funny. Nobody thinks that God will strike you dead for your "oh so rebellious" actions. They are pathetic. You really want to be rebellious? Then maybe you should ACTUALLY look into the Bible with a willing heart. Few people seem to do that anymore.

And with that, I say good posting and welcome to everyone.

Should you have any questions about your account or anything here at CFS, please contact any active moderator or helper.
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