Has anyone used Swagbucks? I found it a couple of months ago and I've found it useful. You get "Swag bucks" for doing surveys or using their search engine and you can buy gift cards with the Swagbucks. I've gotten about fifteen dollars of Amazon gift cards so far so it's legit.

Check it out. Here's my referral code or whatever.

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For whatever reason I'm always disqualified on most of the surveys so I only do the search engine. But even with just using the search I make five dollars a month. There are also daily polls that you get one point for and codes you can type in. If you do everything on there you could probably bring in $25 a month. Make sure to use my referral code though! You get 10% of what anyone you refer makes. So, refer a ton of people and use the search engine and you'll be making money. I don't have any referrals yet.