Sweet potato baking?

Sweet potato baking?

Hi all!
I'm looking for a good recipe using mashed sweet potatoes (yams). Like a good quickbread, muffins, cake, something like that. Anyone care to offer any suggestions? Thanks! :)

Peace to all,
I have found that when good sweet potatoes are in abundance, it is nice to buy them and freeze them. The way I do this is to wash the potatoes with a scrubber. Then I boil them in a large kettle with a lid until they are fork tender. Pour out the water and cool to where you can handle them. Peel (slips right off). Place potatoes individually in freezer bags. (You don't need to "mash" them to do this. This way you can use them in various recipes.) Freeze.

You can use them any way you would a cooked potato: casseroles, "candied," mashed with butter, or as some folks like - mashed with butter and salt/pepper & other seasonings.

However, it is hard to beat the baked sweet potato that is oozing sweetness. Break the soft, hot potato open and butter. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar mixed. Yummy with steak or most anything you wish. :)
Thank you much Pastor, Dusty and Granny G.! I liked the recipe you directed me to, Pastor Gary, but I'll admit I was a little thrown by the peanut oil. ;) I think I might try that one, but use canola oil? Or better yet, half oil/half melted butter. Also I'll cut the sugar a bit and replace the peanuts w/ pecans. Yum.

By the way, Granny- I like the way you talk about food. Obviously you are a gal after my own heart. :)
Thanks again to all!
Sweet Potato Muffins

We LOVE the recipe for Sweet Potato Muffins. There are several different recipes online if you google it. They are SO moist and delicious.