Sync Thunderbird and Cell Phone???

Sync Thunderbird and Cell Phone???

OK Here is one for the computer buffs.

I am running Win Xp.

My Cell Phone is a Nokia 6110 which runs on the Symbian system

I want to sync my emails between the pc and the phone but Nokia only supports ActiveSync and ActiveSync only works with Outlook or Outlook Express.

I do not have Outlook and do not really trust OE.

I therefore have Thunderbird and as an alternative Windows Live Mail Desktop.

Neither of them will sync through ActiveSync.

I have searched with Google and can find lots of software that will sync my contacts but nothing to sync my emails.

Any bright suggestions welcomed.
Sadly it only synch's contacts and calendar data not emails. Those need to be downloaded over the air.

The portal includes an address book and calendar for synchronizing contact and calendar data from popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, as well as over-the-air with mobile handsets.
myFUNAMBOL enables you to get mobile email on your phone, backup contacts and calendar over the air, and use contacts and calendars from desktop mail clients with your iPhone and iPod.
I can download my emails directly to my phone but what I wanted was to keep phone and pc in sync as ActiveSync does with Outlook.
Aug 6, 2008
British Columbia
go to sprint get the instinct and you wont have to sync any thing... lol (i soooooooo want one of those phones but i have to wait 2 more years to upgrade :( )