T.L. Hines

T.L. Hines

Hi. For the longest time, I was out in the world trying my best to ignore God and His Son Jesus. During that time, I developed a taste for horror (movies, books, video games, etc.). I loved reading Stephen King, Dean Koontz, I loved Texas Chainsaw-type of movies. I loved those Silent Hill and Resident Evil video games.

One day I dropped to my knees when I could no longer handle my life on my own and boiling-hot tears fell from my eyes as I returned my life to Christ Jesus and God. I stopped playing/watching/reading horror (it wasn't very hard to do at all, but I still missed the entertainment value).

Recently, a friend recommended a book to me written by T.L. Hines. The book is called Waking Lazarus. T.L. Hines is a Christian author and his books reflect that.

The story is of Jude Allman who has died three times in his life. The man is lost in life, and has withdrawn to a small community where nobody will recognize him or bother him. As an opposite to Jude, there is also something bad preying on children nearby. It's a disturbing story to read, but the message is there.

I found Waking Lazarus at Barnes and Noble, in the Religious Fiction section. He also has another book that I plan to read, The Dead Whisper On. Find out more about the author at www.tlhines.com.

The strange thing that I discovered while reading Mr. Hines' book was that there's no need for me to give up the things that I enjoy in life--and a good fiction book is one of them. A good fiction book where some of the main characters really have a belief in God and Jesus and attend church regularly is even better. There are bad things in this world, yes. There are bad things floating around everywhere. But there's also good in this world, and you can find that goodness through Christ and God.

T.L. Hines' story is written in a prose that dramatically reminded me of both Stephen King and Dean Koontz. But he manages to skate directly in between the two, so as not to copy their styles but create one of his own.

Highly recommended. Thanks for listening.:dance: