Take These, Lord( Poem)

Take These, Lord( Poem)

Take These, Lord
by Roselee Irvine (c) 2006

Take these hands of mine Lord,
Use them to help another.
Let them touch another's need,
That of friend, or brother.

Make them gentle, but let
Them be strong...
To guide someone that is weak,
And to help them along.

Take these feet that have walked
The narrow way...
To places of greater need,
Lead me today.

Keep them on the path, You have
Paved for me...
Bringing light to others, and help
Set them free.

Take my words, make them Yours,
Those that You would speak...
To comfort another, or encourage
Them with words kind, and meek.

Take my heart, open the channels
Of your love, let it flow...
So others can see the difference,
On this earth below.

Let me show Your kindness, mercy,
And grace along the way...
Showing Your character, so they will
Feel Your love today.

Take my mind, fill it with wisdom,
Let it be Your mind in mine...=20
Then those who lack understanding
Will see, and no longer be blind.

Let Your words of wisdom, be applied
In truth and light...
So others will know, also understand
The wrong from right.

Lord Jesus, I give my life in commitment
For Your service today.
Use me... I plead for Your glory

Jn. 8:12

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Thanks. Roselee
Thanks Jeff...

:-D Thaks Jeff. and this poem is about who's in control. Amen if He takes us and uses us then He is in control."Oh" how hard it is to let Him be the controller. amen. But what awesome blessings for His glory that comes from letting Him take contol of our being. amen amen. God bless you. In His love. His lilrose/Roselee