Talent Show :)


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Hey everyone! My Bible college was doing a talent shower tonight.
I signed up to do sign language to the song "Love Me" by JJ Heller. (Look it up if you haven't heard of it. IT's a really good song!)
I was praying that it would really reach people, that they may know that GOd SINCERELY loves them!
Anyways, so when it was my turn for the talent show, I went up.
I had a few shouts from a lot of people saying that they loved me haha.
Anywayssss, after I signed the song. I got a standing ovation, lots of screams, and even people were crying.
I'm not boasting, I"m just glad that like, it reached people.
A lot of people came to me saying that I did a good job.

I'm just glad it reached people!!!! And that makes me soooo happy =)
Awesome!!! I wish I could have seen you do that. I love watching sign language to music. It is beautiful.

I'm sure you did an awesome job for God.