Talk the talk, walk the walk.

When Jesus Christ walked this earth so many years ago, it was His family and his hometown that were the hardest to convince that He was truly the “Son of God”. It also seems that those closest to us have a hard time understand when we make the decision to follow Christ. They seem to be the hardest to convince that this is truly a calling from God. Please Lord, let “Your Light Shine Through Me”. Let those that come in contact with me see the Holy Spirit dwelling within me.

Dear Lord God,
“I now come to you praising your Holy name Lord. I thank you for all the trials and tribulations you have bestowed on me, for all that I have suffered in the past, and all I will suffer in your name Lord. At this moment Lord, I ask that you to wash my sins away.”
“Lord, I know you have never left me. You have always been there for me Lord. And for this I am truly grateful.”
” Father, I thank you for the family and friends I have in my life. I ask you pour out your blessings on them. I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch them, guide them, and protect them. I pray that there hearts and minds will be opened to you Lord.”
“You have truly blessed me with friends beyond imagination, parents that believe in me and the privilege of living the rest of my life serving you Lord. With all my mind, with all my heart, and with all my soul, I dedicate the rest of my life to you Lord.”
This I pray in the precious name of Jesus,
Amen andAmen!