Talking about someone's sin to them

Talking about someone's sin to them

Most of you know my situation I assume, and I have been very concerned about my wife and the perpetuation of her sin. I have been studying and listening to sermons much lately(Charles Stanley in particular) and I am very worried about her standing with God. I feel that her ignoring her conscience, God and His word, she is going to be given over to her sin fully if she hasn't already. This grieves me deeply and I have tried to discuss it with her some before but she is very resistant of course. She is tired of others telling her they are praying for her and she doesn't like talking about it.....mainly because she knows it's sin. If I keep pushing it, our friendly relationship will be filled with anger and resentment I'm afraid. I want to remain friendly because of our children, as that is best for them.
I have thought about going to her father. He knows about our separation, but I am 99% sure that is all he knows. Again though, if I discuss the rest with him, she will be very angry with me. I do think eventually she will come back to the Lord whether she is with me or not. She has always been a strong Christian woman. My question, is that enough? I know through Jesus' blood all is forgiven, but I am still troubled by this.......:(
Yes, my heart goes out to you.

However, I am one of those believers that agree with " The Way of the MAsters" teachings and wonder if your wife has backslid perhaps because she may have never slid forward.

We are sometimes mis-lead by a persons behavior, and speach to think they are saved. ANd they may not be.

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A difficult situation at best brother- I am not sure your wife will listen to much yo have to say right now and talking to others about it may only aggitate the situation. She may have to hit rock bottom before she is willing to look up. She has already been expeiriencing monetary troubles but I think the path she chose will have many more bumps in store- God is faithful and oftens uses those bumps as a wakeup call. I pray God gives you much wisdom and comfort- Larry
That has been what I have been thinking, Bro. Larry. God is definitely working on her, and her conscience. So far, we have a very friendly relationship and I would like to keep it that way. It may be best to just give it to God and let Him sort it out. I pray for her many times each day.
Beloved, I listen to Way of the Master Radio quite a bit and like their message. Its hard for me to believe how far Kirk Cameron has come.
I definity believe in our prayers for our mates. My agnostic husband I;ve been with for 34 years I seen small changes
everyday. I also see the evil one constantly tempting him, in many directions. WHat a struggle it is for him. I will now pray for your Wife, please pray for my Husband :):jesus-cross: