"Tante Veeps"

Mar 5, 2017
Houston, TX

My parents didn't tell me much about Tante Veeps. I only remember her as a very old lady with short, white, curly hair. When she talked, it showed that she was missing a few teeth.

I sat beside her once at a restaurant. I don't remember the occasion, but my mom and dad had invited her out. So there we sat at some elegant restaurant, me, mom, dad, and “Veeps”. When she talked to me, she would call me “Yimmy” since she couldn't pronounce the letter “J”. She must have been a relative on my paternal grandmother's side of the family since she was from Denmark, like grandmother “Gudrun”. I am thinking that perhaps she was my grandma's sister but I can't be sure.

My father told me her story. She was a nurse for the danish Red Cross in Greenland. She was stationed at Godthaab (pronounced “Gut-Hub”) the main city in Greenland. According to dad's story, she had fallen in love with another worker, or it might have been a patient in the hospital. Well, either the patient died or worker died....or...the patient, or the worker didn't correspond with the same affection as Veeps. Whatever the story, she was broken hearted. She never married nor did she ever give up her Danish citizenship. She remained a Dane till the day she died.

My memory of Veeps is limited to that specific day at that restaurant. I was sitting next to her I do remember that. I heard dad mention her name from time to time, and afterward, her name went into oblivion, yet the memory of her still stays within my mind and soul.

When I think of Veeps, I often think of contrasts and comparisons with our Messiah Yeshua, Jesus the Christ. Unlike Veeps who never married, Our Messiah is now preparing a great wedding feast for his bride. He is the bridegroom, the Lamb of God, who took away the sins of the world, is preparing a place for all of us, his called out “Kehilah” so that one day, where He is, We will also be. We will all partake of his wonderful marriage supper, accepting Him as our Husband, Redeemer, Savior, and King Messiah.

Messiah was also broken hearted when he came to his own, yet his own received him not. It is sad to think what our Messiah did for us all, for all humankind, taking upon the sin of all mankind, yet many reject him as Savior and LORD, and do not esteem his sacrifice for sin and eternal death. Nothing else could break our Savior's heart, save only a Roman soldier's lance.

Tante Veeps esteemed so much her Danish citizenship that she never gave it up. How much to believers esteem their citizenship in Heaven? In the New Jerusalem? It is more precious than gold, silver, and all the precious stones in the world. Our citizenship is “forever” What we do now, as believers on this earth, will determine what we will do “forever” in the LORD's service. Our future rewards will be determined by our works now, as “gold, silver, and precious stones.” How do we serve Him now? In which way or ways to we render service to King Messiah now? In what ever way or ways we serve him, let's serve Him with our whole heart, mind, soul, and spirit.

By rabbi Jacob Ben Avraham
Interesting, so she would have given up her danish citizenship had she married? Couldnt her potential husband have become danish?
My mother gave up her Hong Kong citizenship to become a New Zealander as she married my dad in nz.
My sister became a british citizen but as far as I know didnt give up her nz citizenship. She hasnt married but if you work for a number of years there you can gain citizenship. But..she did leave home.

I dont know if I could ever leave my native country, I love it too much, I dont want to live as a stranger in a strange land. I think of the Hebrew people, finally going back to their promised land, their home land that God gave them. After centuries of exile. What it must have felt like. You could stay or rent in the most luxurious hotels in the world but it will never be home.

In terms of heaven, well thats our birthright, when we are truly born again. One would never in their right mind sell it for any price.
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