I'm glad you brought up those scriptures, Banareth, because in context we see that a lot of practices prohibited or commanded at that time had to do with God's chosen people demonstrating their being God's peculiar people, separate and distinct from the idolatrous and immoral cultures around them. While it still has implications for today worthy of consideration, it was a part of the old covenant, replaced by the new. No longer are we a people physically separated from the heathen masses, for instance. In the new covenant it is understood that the good fish and the bad fish will all be gathered in the same net, then culled. The wheat and the tares grow up together, to be separated at harvest time. It is not that there is some inherent evil in a wool suit with a silk lining simply because two fabrics are used.

This is why, even though I don't personally care for tattoos, I can find no scriptural basis for forbidding it, at least in our American, European, and Australian cultures.
I think it was useful in making a very good point~
Yes, I agree with Violet... And, Thank you for your suggestions... I do my brows with mineral makeup anytime I go out... I'm very dark haired so having little to no brows though looks worse than on a blondish type person...

My previous and present pastors have what is called tatoo sleeves.
The first one wore at times short sleeves shirts... My second pastor always covers his up... Don't know why, though...

I care about whether or not they are Holy Spirit filled Pastors...