Teaching Of A 2 Year Old

Teaching Of A 2 Year Old

Yesterday I was trying to help my 2 year old niece up the stairs to her apartment, but she has a very independent spirit and doesn't like anyone holding her hand. She likes to "do it myself." So, I let her "do it myself", but I didn’t just leave her to herself. I walked very closely behind her just in case she stumbled. She did great. She took one step at a time, held on to the rail, and didn't stumble at all. It seems that the more practice she gets, the more independent she becomes. I walked behind her and gave her the independence she wanted, but I never took my eyes off of her. I kept them focused on her every step, and I stayed close enough to catch her if she were to fall.

As all of this was taking place I thought about how God does the same thing with us. He walks with us through every step of our lives while giving us the independence we want (free will), but He never takes His eyes off of us (Hebrews 13:5). And, He is ALWAYS close enough to catch us when we stumble or fall.

He gives us all the free will we want, however it seems that the more we practice our free will the more independent we want to “do it myself.” Then, when we realize we are in trouble we reach for Him, and He is ALWAYS there to catch us.

Why do we do this? Why do we think we can be independent of God?



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Thinking that something else is pulling the strings is like trying to drive with no hands on the steering wheel.

actually that is the position you are in.we are free of this.:smiley10:
Thank you for this so much sweetie!!! I thought this was wonderful and i appreciated it very much.. and thank you for your kindness above, i saw the rudeness and you handles it wonderfully..., thank you again sis, love ya!
:smiley100: the terrible two's yuk , yep that age is a toughee for certian

actually it is very normal for your two year old to begin to say no to everything and desire to do everything for herself :smiley90: they do begin to at the age of 2 realize they are a separate entity from mom and dad and they do begin to exercise that knowing of realization :smiley90: they need validation of independance to a point :smiley100: keep the brakes on , with some things because 2 year olds can get into quite alot :smiley80: