Tell Me Your Story.

Please share your story of how God healed your broken heart. Whether it be from divorce, addiction, abuse, or mental/physical affliction.

I can feel Gods transformation in me after this weekend. I am still struggling, but I now have the feeling that He will heal me soon enough.

I would love to know how God healed you. Was the process lengthy, quick, perfect timing? Did you give up along the way only to come back to Him? Was this while you were deep in your faith or just beginning?

I would love as many details as you are willing to share. Thank you in advance~
I was bullied in high school. All self esteem etc etc destroyed. On verge of suicide and failing exams from avoiding school. I just couldn't do anything stupid though, the Holy Spirit kept putting scriptures in my head. ''Vengeance is God's', ' if we only love those who love us we are no better then the evil', 'He will never leave nor forsake us'. Even though the Holy Spirit did His best, I turned on God. I would curse God and the devil. I was in a very very dark place for about 2 months. I just couldn't stomach rejecting the Holy Spirit for longer. I saw visions of how He was holding my hand through everything. I repented for cursing Him and re-dedicated my life. After a month or so I tell the bullies I forgive them. They didn't try 'make right' though. After a while I see God's vengeance. The chief 'bully' is begging his friends to help him as this other guy from college wants to beat him up.....I was so delivered that I felt like going to help him out of his predicament :LOL:.

The whole bullying experience caused me to spend around 2 years of studying and reading my bible daily. I learnt so much and grew so much closer to the Lord. I don't doubt that vengeance is His. He loves bad people just as much as He loves us. We do need to learn to turn the left cheek. Only by loving those who hate us are we different and able to show the love of Jesus that is needed to bring change. The biggest lesson learnt that I hope will encourage you is that He never left me. He helped me every step of the way. Looking back I wish I drew closer to Him sooner instead of turning on Him. All provision / strength / understanding / things needed to rise above the situation were right there!

We are to be lambs to the slaughter. He is our shepherd who will keep us and deliver us from evil. The moment we try do things in our own strength we just mess it all up.
Well, name it, I've probably done it in some form or fashion (with the exception of homosexuality & pedophilia). Regardless, if we look at sin as God does, sin is sin, is sin.

The lowest point in my life thus far was when we had an abortion of my child-I consider this murder now. When we were sitting in the clinic all I could think about was busting down the door to the rooms and getting out of there. But I didn't, and the procedure was completed. Because of that moment, my relationship with God and the mother will be scarred until eternity. Not but a couple months latter I found myself in the VA hospital with a septic infection, thinking I was going to die-and I was alone-very alone, physically & spiritually. There was a long dark emptiness waiting for me. The Lord spared me AGAIN, for whatever reason in His wisdom. A year later I had moved and took on a new job after finishing my 2 year schooling program and was introduced to the Gospel AND I ACCEPTED! Praise the Lord...
Hmmm , my story is somewhat similar to King J's except that i was never bullied in High School.. just really lonely, not only in high school but through out school period.. i suffer from social anxiety (basically extreme-ish shyness) and also anxiety *smiles* lul.. anywho when I was around people id just feel like im having a heart attack, my mind would go blank I didnt have many friends at all and the ones i did have werent that great, when I would step out and ask if they wanted to hang out ect.. they'd turn me down..and I just felt undesirable b.c it didnt matter what i did i couldn't get anyone to spend time w/ me outside of school... it was like I was only there to keep them company..until their better friends came around. I never went to prom, no slumber parties,no b/f,first kiss.. alot of those moments I cant get back..its like social anxiety ate it up... and I did try on my own but the fear was way too strong.. and my fam couldnt afford to send my to a psyche so i could get some anti-anxiety I could lead a somewhat normal life ... and Now (that im saved and what not) Loneliness and all tht I missed out on is a *very* sensitive subject, like I still cry over it.... God hasn,t healed my heart, I,m still insecure, I,m still alone (friend wise..I actually dread going to college b/c i feel it,d be a repeat of HS just hiding out in the library for lunch and what not)..... but my anxiety around people is getting better....

...... so Im still going through....... alot of times, I just want to be like screw this... but I the life I left behind i don,t want back and the christian life is hard,it is.... so idk i feel like im in the middle.... God never promised to make all our problems go away.. and i respect him for be honest and truthfully.. but sometimes im like........... Come onnnn God.......please... im desperate XD lol.. so im definetely going through, well trying :/ i just hope I stay long enough to be a better christian and what not.
Thanks you KingJ, Dirtyrottensinner, and pancakes!!! Much appreciated!! :)

@ pancakes, I know how you feel but don't give up on the glory of God...ever! I'm glad you continue to hang in there :) I absolutely love your screen name and avitar BTW :)

@Dirtyrotten: Does the guilt still plague you and is it getting better?

@King, do you mind if I ask what you were bullied about? I too went through this in school for many, many years.
@King, do you mind if I ask what you were bullied about? I too went through this in school for many, many years.
I actually don't know to be honest. I thought I was rather 'cool' :). Language teacher use to pick me to do the reading in class as I used to read well and she liked me because unlike most, I treated her with respect. Then one-day the big guy sitting behind me starts smacking me for no reason. Probably figured I was a nice guy and wouldn't hit back. I don't know. It all started there.
He was most likely jealous and were the bigger guy with the way you acted which probably upset him more since he couldn't get a rise out of you,:cool:
By the way, sorry to hear about you! I figure guys can take it better then woman. It can toughen us up, but woman...I just dread to think of the inner damage it can do.
@Dirtyrotten: Does the guilt still plague you and is it getting better?

Well, guilt...not so much. I have accepted forgiveness for many things from Christ. However, regret is a different obstacle although some would argue they are the same thing. I suppose you could think of it like this:

Compare spiritual with an example of the physical: one day I was working on a job site using a hammer drill and a 6 inch hole saw going through 2 inches of old hard wood flooring. I wasn't really safety conscious at the time. So happens that the drill 'hopped' out of the hole and ran across my upper thigh above my knee and tore through my jeans and left a nice gash. Thankfully it wasn't bad enough for an ER visit but it was ugly and hurt. Now I have a scar there that reminds me every time I see it how not to operate a hammer drill and I can recall the pain of that moment.

It's kind of like that when I think of my son in Heaven with Jesus. I am reminded, but I know he couldn't possibly be in better hands. So I humble myself in that moment, and praise God.