Temptation and Tests

There is a guy at work who is 16 years younger than me, nearly 30, and we're friends. He has feelings for me, and he is not a Christian. Besides being too young, working with me, and not being a Christian, we are very different. I was tempted to go to his house and talk with him all night, and I fell asleep. We didn't do anything, and I got up and left the next day. He took it as more than it was, and has feelings for me, like I said. I am attracted to him.
Now the good part of this story is that though I'm tempted, God has spoken to my heart. I heard God tell me that this is wrong, I should fear being caught and not do anything that I need to hide, and that I'm on a path to do other things with my life. I shared this with my friend. I told him that God told me it isn't right for us to be together, and I love God and want to be in His will and plan for my life.
Feeling the Holy Spirit of God holding me and protecting me from tempation was amazing. It doesn't keep me from having feelings for this person, but it helps me keep them in check. God is more important to me than having an improper relationship. I struggle with love and relationships, but with God it's all different.
If you listen to God and do what He says, you can rise above temptation.
I just wanted to share that and hear your comments or similar stories of this type of situation. I know it's very common. Thanks for your contributions to this post :)


Bi-polar club leader
Hi soulful,
I think you are doing the right thing but it doesn't stop the feelings you have or the fact that when someone likes us it is very flattering! It is a very common situation and i've been through it myself but just keep praying and i will pray for you too. Hang in there, honey....
Thanks Natty!!!! It's good to have validation on this :) I'm sure it won't be the last time this happens to me or you in your life, and just knowing God is there really helps.