Temptation, part of us ?

Lately i discovered how easy it is to resist it.
I`ve been spending more time with a female friend in the past months and i have to admit lots of thoughts were running through my mind, many of them being sexually related. At first i was turned on, i have to admit, but after a while i started raising some questions inside and said to myself it's not normal to view your friend and even a close one as a sexual object. After realizing that i started "eliminating" those thoughts (i put it like that because it's almost impossible to eliminate them completely) and i have to admit i started feeling...lighter, and my soul feels cleaner. Anyways, since i started this cleansing process i began noticing it on others, like more obvious than before and i thought maybe that when you get out of the crowd you start realizing how corrupt it was.

To end this, all i can say is....give it a try and you will feel how different a connection can be made with people. View them as friends ... not as objects, especially not sexual ones.

All the best
That is really good advice. I think if more people acted the same way we would live in a much different, and better, world. Keep up the good work and see if you can convince more people to think the way you do.