Old is before Jesus was born in Mary and the New is when he was. I guess the people just thought that would make it better or something...
It's not two versions of the bible. It is the writings from before christ separated from the accounts from Jesus until the end of times.

This is a natural division caused by the fact that the Old testement) writings were held by the Jews who did not believe in Jesus and the christian (new testement) writing by those who did.
It was not until the bible was cannonized (Place together) by the early church that they became the old and new testement.

The two are solidly link in that they confirm each other in respect to God and the coming of Christ Jesus as LORD and savour.

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Before the Books of the Bible were "rearranged and edited" by a certain powerful 'denomination', the Books of the Bible were in a fairly good chronological order as found in the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek parchment texts.

The original texts told the story of a family seed line from which Christ would ultimately be born of, umbilical cord to umbilical cord.

If you look at the Ancestry of Christ through Mary's ancestors, as found in Luke 3:23-38 (KJV) you will see that all the families in that seed line are written about from Genesis in the Old Testament through the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament. (Do not be confused by the geneology as listed in Matthew 1:1-17 (KJV). That ancestry is of Joseph's family - the ADOPTIVE father of Christ and has no direct relevance in the actual seed line of Christ).

The Bible tells the story of Christ's ancestors and the trials and hardships that they endured along the way to keep that seed line pure and appropriate for the arrival of The Savior. Christ is first spoken of in John 1:1 (KJV) [The Word] as being with God in the same time period as Genesis 1 - "in the 'beginning". The Bible is a life story of those many generations of ancestors who would make it possible for Christ to be born of woman so He would to be able sacrifice Himself in the flesh for all of us.

The Bible is also a life lesson for us all... a Book of orders, ordinances and laws to keep each of US worthy of His sacrifice and for each of US to be able to have a choice whether to follow Satan or to follow Christ. Those who scoff at the contents of the Bible have the choice to do so, but it is the responsibility of those who DO accept the Bible's teachings to plant the seeds of truth with those who do not believe so they, too, may possibly be able to rid themselves of Satan's influences and accept Christ.

Think of the Bible as our Guidebook of our own lives through Christ... a book of ancestry; a book of laws; a book of history and a book of Salvation for those who discern right from wrong and accept Christ as their Savior. Truly, a Book which contains The Greatest Truths Ever Told.
Yep one bible- the old covenant was the covenant of the law were most men thought they basically earned their way into God's favor by doing good deeds- all but a few missed ths concept of beleiving God for their salvation-only 1 man was ever to really enter into God's presence and then that only once a year
the new and better covenant was the sacrifice of Jesus which paid for their sins once and for all-living by rules and regulations was replaced by living in faith of Jesus and His sacrifice for our sins- the way was opened for all who belived to enter and dwell in God's Holy Presence- all barriers between God and man were taken down for those who would apply the blood of the lamb to their lives- to sum it up He (Jesus) gave us His perfect righteousness and He took our sinfull nature in exchange on the cross- when He died death could not hold Him as He had no sin of His own- He rose from the dead and His ressurection power works in all who believe in Him today to change our lives
if you read genesis,there are 2 beginnings.God and lord god.to me good and evil.count how many times jesus says God.and when some thing copies you from the start how hard it is to be seperate.the bible gives you a history of the fight between good and evil.take my servant job,who wrote this.if job was Gods servant why would he be in satans hands!start questioning the fruits of the old testament,you will be suprised if you read it.
boan jesus says he will turn away people who dont do Gods commands.so you are saying im saved i can do what i like?
no i didnt know that,but can you tell me why jesus mentions God all the time and not lord god,and also why he tells satan get behind me satan you serve the Lord.know we know the LORD now is jesus and his father is God.so if any say the Lord God i dont agree with.the Lord is jesus.and God is the father.and the holy spirit is God.now the Lord of hosts im curious about using people is not Gods style.
I think a little time in your bible would help clear some of this up. Jesus lived and walked as a practicing Jew in order to fulfill the demands of the Old Covenant -Even though fully God He walked this earth as a man never doing anything the Father did not say or the Holy Spirit did not empower- this was to show what a man in total surrender moved on by God could live
the church was born after His crucifiction and ressurection and we are to live by the New Covenant- saved BY grace THRU faith - if we really have Jesus in our hearts we do the law out of love not striving to be acceptable to God but as we are filled with His Spirit we are the living expressions of His love to this lost world.
As far as Jesus was He not prophesied in

Isa 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Here the Son of God is called Mighty God and Everlasting Father :D
well boa i have read jesus words and he seemed a little upset he had to do daft things.so this tells me satan made it hard for him to come.but he came anyway and now hes LORD OF LORDS.KING OF KINGS.GOD IS GOD.THE FATHER OF JESUS.AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS.
if you get confused look to job.satan with satan tells the story.read it properly you will understand.Gods sons came?God has only 1 son.keep reading you will learn.