Wow what an incredible testamony! I can really tell its true when poeple say God will speak to us in His time not ours. Sounds like he used your aquaintence to speak to you. For then on did you know what you the words/ meaning to what you were singing in the unknown language?
I am confused also. You said you asked for words beyond your vocabulary so He gave you words in an unknown language. Then you said you can sing their meaning in English.

I am very interested because of somethings stated in another thread and am trying to discover exactly what those who speak in tongues regularly believe about this gift.

I asked God once to give me the words when I witnessed to a homosexual man years ago. I prayed that God would say to this man whatever God wanted him to know, despite what I said. I didn't know what to say and was terrified of what might happen, but I prayed and placed my trust in God.

It was incredible. As I spoke this man would respond as tho he was hearing something totally different from what I was saying. It was like my prayer had been answered exactly like I asked. The man was hearing God's message to him instead of my words. I've never experienced anything like that before or after......
Have you ever done any Youtube or Godtube videos. I'm not sure, but it seems people can raise fanancial support for their goals on Youtube.