Testimony....My dog

Testimony....My dog

My beautiful little dog(one in my avitar) just turned 12 years old august 7th this year. She is truelly a miracle dog.

When Josey was 5 years old she had a severe accident. This night was like all nights, when I went to bed Josey would jump up on my bed and curl up right next to me to sleep..she had to be touching me or she was not happy. Well I ha already gotten into bed and here comes Josey, but this time as she jumped up on my bed she did not qiut make it and she fell back down. When she fell she landed just right and ruptred 3 discs in her back, breaking her back and parylizing her entire hind end. She could not walk or go to the bathroom on her own.
She was at the vet for a week and I went everyday to see her but she just did not improve. Everyone told me to put her down and the vet gave her little to no hope, but i felt in my heart to not give up on her.
So I went to the store and i bought her some pull ups, and baby wipes and baby powder. i cut a hole in the pull ups for her tail and then i went to the vet and brought her home.
However in the mean time I had gone online and found a website called IMOM. and this site is all about helping people that have severe injuries or illness with their pets that they can not afford to treat. They asked me to set up a webpage with Joseys picture on it and her story to see if some one would sponsor her for a wheel chair. To the glory of our God it took 2 days for her to get sponsored and the entire cost of her wheel chair was covered.
But the best part was yet to come. I was attending a Spirit filled church at the time and there was a little old lady ther that was just so full of the Spirit and she loved animals, she was like a grandma to me and I loved her so much. So that sunday she gave me a ride home from church and she came in to see my little Josey. Together we laid hands on her an praye over her for the Lord to heal her.
Within a month my dog was not only walking she was running and jumping. She made such a good recovery that 2 years ago when she got xrayed for bladder stones the vet coul not even see were her back had been broke!
Since that time when the Lord healed her of a broken back He has also healed her of breast cancer, and bladder stones without surgery! An 2 years ago He healed her of a very rare blood disorder that should have taken her life, But God knows how much I love and need my little dog an I thank Him for each day He allows me to care for her.
At the time she broke her back i can remember sitting in my living room in tears while she was at the vet. I said Lord I cant handle this please dont take my dog from me!
The Lord was so sweet to me...He said "do you remember that you gave her to me?" I had dedicated her to him the month before! I told him that she belonged to Him and that I was gld that he was allowing me to care for her.
So I said..Yes Lord I remember and I accept what you do with her, all I ask Lord, that yo get me through it.

Here is is 7 year later and I still have my wonderful little dog! Thank you my Lord God!



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Thank You Jesus!!!!!

Praise God!!!!!

He loves the pets too!!!!


:crying_anim:Ok, this one required tissue. What a beautiful testimony and I'm so happy Josey is healed!

Thank you Jesus!

Thanks so much for sharing this oh so very touching story.

Blessings, Cheri

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Amen, and amen...

God's wonders are all around us and His Will is in our lives each day. God loves His animals and he Created them for both His and our pleasure. When we encounter a burden, God will assist us in dealing with that burden and that experience makes us stronger, both as humans and as Christians.

Very heart warming testimony and may God's blessings continue to be with you and the family.
awwwwwwwwwww!!! yay!!!!
God is sooooooooooo good!!!!! I am happy to know that she is doing fine and running and jumping just like she should be!!!!