May 18, 2016
Much of the Apostle Paul's writing was from prison, he was beaten and stoned near to death often, shipwrecked and nearly drowned but his testimony of a life dedicated to Jesus Christ serves as an example for our testimony here on the Internet and also in real life.

He taught, exhorted and corrected but his testimony of Christ saving him (and us all) was pure love.

Sadly, like Paul, we write our letters, read by many or few, on the Internet but unlike Paul our testimonies often aren't glowing testimonials of God's love. We gripe about this and that, more like the Israelites eating God's manna but dreaming of Egyptian quail and building golden Calves at every excuse.

Questions, to the Christian, are for God and not faceless strangers on the Internet where many wolves wear skin of the sheep, but do we refer them to our father? Where is our time most spent, on our browsers or on our knees in prayer? Do we feed the sheep or the wolves?

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