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In Sports Spectrum Ken Walker tells how after a Monday night football game in 1990 several players did something for the first time that would later become a common sight. When the game ended between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants, eight players from both sides gathered in a huddle in the center of the field at the 40-yard line nearer to the scoreboard. There they bowed their knees for all to see and prayed together in the name of Jesus Christ.

The brief prayer meetings caught on and gained their highest visibility several years later with Reggie White and his 1997 Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. Once Packer, Eugene Robinson, explains the purpose of the players coming together to bow their knees: "We don't pray about who wins the game or any of that stuff. That's not what its there for. We pray basically as an acknowledgment of who God is and that men will see that He exists."

The players have taken heat for their public stand. An article in Sports Illustrated advised the players to pray in private, and the NFL made noises for a while as though they would shut the practice down. But the players stood firm, some saying they were willing to be fined for the practice, and the prayer huddles went on.

One moment of truth for a believer is when he or she decides to publicly identify with Jesus Christ. whether it be praying over a meal at a restaurant, carrying a Bible, wearing a pin, mentioning the Lord in conversation---it solidifies our commitment to Christ.

Acknowledging God, Boldness, Evangelism, Light, Prayer, Salt, Taking a Stand, Witness
Matt. 5:13-16; Mark 8:38; Acts 4:29; 2 Cor. 3:12