Aug 21, 2012
South Aus
Im just going to do a very quick one as I had started writing it but then my rat (yes I own a rat) layed on the buttons on the laptop and it dissapeared (what I wrote)


Grew up in a christian family. Dad was not as nice as what others are and yelled at mum and my sister all the time I was scared and often hid.

Mum (who has angina a Heart condition) came in my sister and my room one night and told us dad had passed away in a car accident. Which when I got older she told me he was on drugs and drunk.

Had voices and bad dreams about dad and voices would tell me to kill myself as everyone hates me.

Went through depression 2009 grade 9 made a friend who was going through anorexia

2010 started getting really sick got appendix taken out. Teachers told me to give up on art and do something else as I wont get anywhere.

2011 quited school and went to TAFE got really good grades and passed (will note that I have aspergers syndrome)

2012 got into cert 3 media at TAFE with my friend with anorexia (I only got in because she begged them as I was ment to be in a cert 4 but they didnt have what I wanted)
my friend started using me (shes no longer going through anorexia and has heap of friends).
Its my 18th coming up and I had asked if she wanted to go to an asian resterunt and she said no because she dosnt eat food cooked by Asians. Had quiet a bit of argument there. She never catches up since term 2 this year :/

Yup thats my life in a flash. Oh yeah (dunno if I mentioned it here) I also got diagnosed with something that has no cure and I have no friends irl no more :(
Jul 22, 2010
Yes, thanks for sharing some of you, kitten.
I'm sure you will find value friendship sometime soon. You have a gift and it could take you far. Meantime keep up comms here with us.....I'm learning a lot from you by being forced to look up urban dictionary eg irl ;)
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