Thank you :)

Thanks Godbe4me.

I just wanted to let everyone know about some changes that have happened and are happening at Like Christianforumsite, the script company that powers has released a completely new version and we have now upgraded to this version. Due the upgrade we had to build a new template due to the template system being different and we therefore decided to create a new look.

A lot of out features have also changed and a lot better, for example you tag photos and arrange them in albums, you can comment on quizzes and blogging system has got better too but it not ust the look and features that have changed but the whole aim of the site. With my experience from using ans creating social websites, i felt that should know longer be just another site but put our faith first.

We had for a while a prayer team but we have made enhancements to improve this and now any member of that prayer team will get a badge on their profile showing they are a member of the team. It is the role a prayer team member to pray for members who have requested a prayer on our forums. They must pray on the thread that has been created and leave a prayer on that persons profile.

Each week, we will be holding a prayer evening on the live chat room. This will happen on a friday at 10pm gmt. These normally last about 30 minutes.

Starting in the new year will be weekly bible study modules and in the near future we hope to grow a team volunteers where we can take in turns to run a weekly online service. These would not be live due to time zones but a recorded audio or video would be uploaded.

I think you would agree that the internet is a great place to spread our faith and that is why we are trying make steps to turn into a ministry and not just a community. is great site for Christians from all over the world to join and meet other Christians and i do hope you can all come an visit us as well as continue to use

I pray that you all have a fabulous new year and that God blesses you all.

For anyone interested we have just launched a brand new prayer room here. You can add a prayer request, write a prayer and reply to members prayers/ requests. We feel prayer is very important and wanted to provide a good interactive prayer room for Christians from all over the world.

God Bless
Hi guys,

I have been recieving some messages about being down. We are currently re-launching a new site for Christians. The site will still be on the same format as but will offer new features such as an online bible search where members can discuss their search results, a bible study section and more.

The site will re-open on the 09/07/10. All members who were on will still be on the new site Christian chat room- Christian chat rooms and Christian community so you would not need to join again.

God Bless