Thanks Mr Darwin for the laughs IV: Nebraska Man

Thanks Mr Darwin for the laughs IV: Nebraska Man

The way it was taught in school, I pictured “Nebraska Man†as a kind of Herbie Husker / Fred Flintstone combo. Come to find out, there was never even a skeleton for “Nebraska Man.â€

All they had was a sketch of what a skeleton might have looked like, based on one measly tooth, a tooth scientists said was from a human being a squillion years ago.

This tooth allegedly bore common characteristics of both man and ape. An extensive scientific debate began surrounding this fossil, which came to be called "Nebraska man".

Based on this single tooth , reconstructions of the Nebraska man's head and body were drawn :D . Moreover, Nebraska man was even pictured along with his wife and children, as a whole family in a natural setting. All of these scenarios were developed from just one tooth.

Turns out the tooth wasn’t even from a human: it was from a wild American pig ! :D
lol!!! I heard this story, can't remember where:? They dug up a skull or something on a farm, and they said: this is millions of years old. And then the boy who lived on the farm dug a little further and he found an old navy button of a jacket!