Thanks Mr Darwin for the laughs V: The origin of laughter

Thanks Mr Darwin for the laughs V: The origin of laughter

The origin of laughter is no longer a mystery, according to some scientists.

Some brilliant evolutionary biologists have traced the origins of laughter back 4,000,000 years to pre-humans slipping and stumbling in their first faltering attempts to walk on two legs. :rolleyes:
According to the theory, when they saw a member of their group lose his footing they would laugh as a sign to each other that something was amiss, but nothing too serious. :rolleyes:

“Essentially, the suggestion is that slapstick and humour evolved from that time,†said Matthew Gervais, an American evolutionary biologist who led the study.
How long did this study take?? What data did they use??
How much funding did it involve?? How did they come to these conclusions??

After wasting 6 months and $3,000,000 on crack-cocaine and Monty Python screenings at the ‘research centre’ Matthew Gervais and his team awoke from their crack-induced stupor to the harsh reality that they were due in 30 mins to hand in a research paper on evolutionary changes in homonoid populations. They began frantically rushing around screaming at each other as the gravity of possible ‘loss-of-funding’ due to ‘no-research-paper’ set in. When all of a sudden in the amidst of the stricken panic, Matthew Gervais slipped on a jaw-bone left lying around from a recent anthropological dig and crashed to the floor. The sudden erruption of laughter from his stoned collegues sparked a moment of genius…

….and thus ladies and gentlemen is how we found humour developing in pre-humans…. :D


"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." - Romans 1:22
Now, if the 'scientists' who support evolution would 'evolve' into something with a brain capable of reading God's Word, THAT would be interesting to watch...LOL. ;)