That Man

Some of John’s disciples were envious of Jesus because, according to them, “That Man” was now baptizing people, and people were following him instead of following John. So, John set his disciples straight. He reminded them of what he had told them previously – that he was not the promised one to come, but he was merely sent to prepare the way for the bridegroom, Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah. As well, he told them that the bride (Christ’s followers) belonged to Jesus Christ, not to John. John was joyful because the one for whom he had been sent to prepare the way had now come, and so John had completed his mission. Jesus Christ was now to become greater, and John was to become less.

Then John shared with them the crux of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus was from heaven, and he was and is above all, i.e. he was and is God. Yet, he was and is rejected by those to whom he came with his message from God (from heaven). Though he spoke and speaks the very words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit, yet many reject Christ and his gospel of salvation, so all that awaits them is God’s wrath. Yet, for those who do accept Christ’s testimony, they certify that God is truthful. And, for those who believe and who put their faith in Jesus Christ, they are given the hope of eternal life with God.

That Man / An Original Work / May 23, 2013

Based off John 3:22-36

An argument between some men
Erupted out of resentment.
They came to John and said,
“That man is baptizing everyone.
They’re going to Him.”

So, John replied, “A man can
Only receive what is given him.
You yourselves can testify that
I said, ‘I am not the Christ.
I’m sent before Him.’”

The bride belongs to the bridegroom.
His friends await and watch for Him.
They are full of joy when they hear
His voice speaking words to them.
That now is our joy!

Jesus, the One who comes from heav’n –
He testifies of forgiveness.
Yet, so many do not trust in
His words, and do not repent.
They will face judgment.

The one who trusts in Jesus Christ
Has certified that God is truth.
Jesus Christ speaks the words of God.
Those who put their faith in Him,
Eternal life gain!