The 2nd coming (&rapture)

The 2nd coming (&rapture)

Just to make a point that I don't believe for a second that Jesus is coming twice. One beginning (God created), one rebirth (Jesus died & rose), and one second coming, not two.

With technology on the rise... it is probably a plausible theory that Jesus could come at anytime soon. What do you think?

Governments have a plan to use technology in third world countries (Africa esp.) for learning... such technology gives people knowledge within seconds. Whether it's for good or evil, it's there. The Word could get spread a lot faster that way. Even some missionary groups are getting orphanages computers (with internet access too). The U.S. is a major provider for such systems, which run at $100 per computer system... other than just the computers themselves, internet is available by any type of cable (electrical, phone outlet, coax, etc) and on a few wireless bands (Wi-Fi especially, and to some extent some cell phones are able to load full webpages to a computer)... with the help of Satellite and other forms of communication there is no way a person can't get onto the internet, even in remote locations.

With technology on the rise, so is the knowledge for the good or evil purposes that it is put to use for. The Bible is readily available on the web. So are sermons, video/audio, and a plethora of written testimony.

Anyway, I'm kind of beating around the bush - I think that with the current pace of technology, we'll be seeing more of these signs (but we ought not to be worried - God has taken care of it)... If someone (or some group) gets mad at a simple newspaper article that talks about God, imagine what the world feels like with the internet talking God :) The internet, in a sense, is more safe to talk about God in, but it is the most dangerous playground for Satan to roam as well.

Given the pace of technology, I could see Christ coming within the next 50-100 years or so.
I believe that the Second Coming is refering to Christ's second coming after His physical birth - And yes He could show up at any time man's puny technology not withstanding!
I know the Lord will return, I do however believe that there will be a rapture and his later return (but that is a different debate)

What I find fascinating is look at some of the events described in Revelation and only a few years ago one would have to say that either that will be a miracle or it must be symbolic. But now with the technology man has we can see how some of the events can be done and they seem a lot more believable. I personally have no problem believing God can do them without our technology but our technology shows how some of these things are possible.
Absolutely- we have not discovered one thing that He didn't create and set in place- I read todays headlines and I think He may come back tommorow.
I have a friend who thinks Jesus is coming so soon he only buys his gas 1/2 tank at a time:D