the 3rd day


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the 3rd day

God forgives you even on the third day,when you are lost on the third day ,if you repent and need goodness you will find mercy.the last sign is from jonah.he repelled God but in hell he looked up to the Lord and knew it was the only way he wanted to on the third day he was spat out,and given life from the depths.jesus rose from the depths on the third day,now to learn from mistakes as we should.the 3rd day equals rebuffing brothers and sisters learn and give the 3rd day a wide birth.
Well, Dear Smellycat, I see your point but God will forgive us any day as long as we are truly and sincerely repentant.
But it's a good little Proverb you have created.
Love, Violet~
My Dear SC,
remember, ALL words are made up.
Trinity means 3 and the Father, son and Holy Ghost are 3 in ONE!
Smellycat, what if I told you I do know that.
God created Jesus, part human, part his own spirit.
Then there is The Holy Ghost that God gives to us, through him.
They are all one.
Is that what you are having trouble with dear Smellycat?
Explain what it is you are not understanding~:)
Since the Bible speaks of the Father AND the Son AND the Holy Ghost, then yes, the Holy Ghost is a separate entity and it would come from God.
Still all 3 are the yolk, the egg white and the shell. :)

You believe all 3 exists, I understand you do, but SC, try not to be so anxious in figuring out the details.
Those things will come.
I'm kind of confused, but then again it doesn't take much to confuse me. lol! I thought the topic was "The Third Day", but I don't see how they ties in with the "Trinity". Anyway, being that this topic has led to the Trinity I would like to share this link with anyone who may be interested. I could try and explain my thought on the Trinity through scripture, but this I believe is to far beyond my understanding. Here is the link I referred to earlier.
He is both God's Spirit and the Spirit of Jesus for they are still one .