The Arrogant Lion

A lion walks through the jungle and comes across a cheetah. He asks the cheetah "Hey skinny! "Who's the king of the jungle?" The cheetah responds, "Oh you are Mister Lion. Everybody knows that."
The lion, sure of his stature and position, proceeds down the path until he comes across a giraffe. He asks the giraffe"Hey stretch! Who's the king of the jungle?" The giraffe nervously replies, "You are Mister Lion. Who could argue that?" "Thats what I thought you'd say stretch".
The lion then comes across an elephant. The lion asks"Hey fatso! Who's the king of the jungle?"
The elephant quickly turns around, grabs the lion's tail and began smashing him to the ground one side to the other. He then lifted the lion over his head and twirled him round and round. The elephant then threw the lion up against a tree.
The lion shook his head and said to the elephant "Hey! You didn't have to get so mad just because you didn't know the answer."