The Atmosphere Of Your Home

What is the atmosphere/feeling of your home? Why do you think it is what it is?

Just curious. I know what the one is where i live. I have asked many people who have come over more than once. I am curious about how you got that atmosphere, whether it is positive or not.

The one i live in, has been summarized by two common words. Thoughtful, and peaceful. The atmosphere of a place is often the way it is due to the person who is the head of it. So i live in an apartment with currently 2 other buddies. Kevin is the main guy. He is a very thoughtful and peaceful person. So this place, his dominion naturally reflects that. This place has many books. It has several lamps and lights that seemingly create a calmness. We often have worship or soaking music playing through our speakers at a reasonable sound level. I often write here and journal. Our 3rd roommate is in school, and does a lot of homework here. All of us do writing projects for school, business, or personal reasons. So i think that is why it is a thoughtful place. And the peace comes from our personalities. It comes from the praise that come through our speakers, and our lives.
It mainly depends on the person who lives there, as u said and the second one is the ambiance of ones home also has a huge impact on atmosphere. Like paint color of my room is pearl white so it makes it quite peaceful and gives a royak feel.
vikram you are right.

ambiance has a lot to do with it. lighting but as well as scents.

imagine lots of cooking in my kitchen and that smell of peppery marinated chicken wafting through the air.

sounds as well, tv, or just happy kids or mum and dad cuddling on the couch on a sunday afternoon.

as well, its the relationships between each other. when mum and dad are in love it tends to make the place homely and comfy.