The BEST in you

Apr 11, 2007
The BEST in you

Scripture background Text: Job 5:17-19
During our correction, or even our testing and trials know that God is doing and allowing it out of love (Hebrews 12:5,6). We can be happy, knowing that it’s to bring out the best in us, though a lot of times it’s hard to smile through the storm.
The Lord inflicts pain, but he also heals. He breaks hearts and puts them together again. He wounds and hurts but the same hand makes you whole.
(Though he never neglects us) He allows us to experience neglect from others and disappointments, but in the end and through it all his arms are there to comfort.

In feelings of disappointment we asked “why?” but that’s because we misunderstood. God didn’t allow you to get hurt necessarily because he was angry with you, or because he wanted you to cry, but because he wants to bring out the BEST in you... qualities
We thought we were invincible, especially in our youth. We roamed like gods until it happened to us. Until we got dumped, until we went through divorce, until we got sick, until our family kicked us out... You never knew that you could hurt so badly. You never knew that you could cry so hard, no, not until you experienced it for yourself.
Through our pains we learn to trust in God more than ever, because we realize how frail we really are and how mighty God truly is. Your pains bring the humility that will cause God to exalt you (Jam 4:6). God wants you exalt you. He wants to glorify you, but first he has to create the humility in you that comes with your hard times. You see, you have to go through the valley before you can reach the mountaintop... So don’t give up, it’s not for you to commit (spiritual or physical) suicide though some people have chosen that route. God didn’t design your situation to kill you, but to bring out the greatest potential in you, a miracle he planted in the secret of your soul before you were born.