The big brother syndrome

The big brother syndrome

Good morning!

Last Sunday our Pastor taught about this and we loved it. I thought I would put it here as something to think about. I'll try to recreate the pastor's words, but I'm sure I won't get all of them right, however I pray you guys get the point!

The sermon was called "The big brother syndrome" and it was about the prodical son's brother. The point was that even though we should strive to become "big" brothers and sisters in the Lord as we grow in Him, we should not get the "big brother syndrome" which comes from pride and says "I am better than you because you are not as spiritual as I am!" If you recall, when the prodical returned and the father had a party to celebrate, when the brother came in from the field he refused to participate in the celebration and, when the father came out to ask him to join in, his response was (paraphrasing from the text): "I've been here all along and worked hard and I NEVER transgressed any of your commands and you NEVER gave me even a lamb to party with my friends!" Our pastor pointed out the 2 "NEVER'S" he used and showed how the first NEVER came out of pride - how could anyone say they NEVER transgressed anything?- and the second NEVER was an out right lie since the Word says that when the prodical asked for his inheritance the father divided what he had between BOTH sons and the big brother also had access to everything his father owned anyway! Our pastor also used the example of the pharisee who was praying in the tower along with the tax collector. I'm sure you guys know that event! His words were also coming from a "big brother syndrome" attitude and the word says that the tax collector left justified which also means saved, while the pharisee... well, you get the gist! The point is, my friends, as we grown in the Lord and as we learn from Him and from our own experiences we can and many times we do get a sense of spiritual pride and find ourselves judging people for where they are in the kingdom! Let's NOT! All the people that are "advanced" in spiritual matters needed room to grow and the reason why they are now "advanced" is because someone gave them that room! I want, in personal walk, to be the one that gives everybody the room thy need, and although I have failed many times in that endevour, I pray the Lord will show me if and where and towards whom I have developed a "big brother syndrome" every day and then give me the strength to see it, acknowledge it, repent and stop having it! The truth is we are ALL undeserving of God's mercy and yet He is giving it to us fresh every morning! I want to take that mercy and try, with God's help, to spread it around to others who need it and maybe don't know how to receive it directly from the Lord yet! How about you? God bless you all and have a great day today!

Amen x 10 Laura!
Doing the right thing with the wrong heart never pleases the Father.
Dear Laura.... I really loved what you said about the big brother sindrome. That was a good way that your pastor explained it.and pointed out theat the brother recieved half as well but he still moaned. Isn't that like us as well to still grumble and complain if some one has hurt us or not done things the way that we thought they should have.

I had sort of a wake up call to that very thing on Sat. I voiced my opinion to the person ( at least I did not talk behind her back ) and she burst out into tears and then guess who felt bad... Jup , you guessed it .... me. She had , had a very stressful day and then what I said was just the icing on the cake. Sister, I learned a big lesson.... I had better check with the Lord first what I should say or not say. We are always learning.

Thanks for that lesson , Laura.