the book of life

the book of life

what is the book of life? the bible right? and what does it mean in the bible when it say's "whoevers name is not found written in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire"?
The Book of Life is God's Book!
Not the Bible.
On judgemqnt day, to my understanding, our names have to be in there to go to heaven!
Of course I don't know if God has a literal book, (He could) but we better hope our names are written in it, or his heart, on that day!
hmmm i see, so do liek real uncommon names have the least chance of being written inthe book of life? or does it not matter? and what if we hae accepted jesus as our lord and savior but are names are not written in the book of life? there is alot about christianity that confuses me
Daniel, sweetie, it is all about being saved.
We love and live for Christ and call him our savior, never be ashamed of him or serving him, refrain from sin, repent when you slip and do your best! Pray and worship him! I personally believe baptism is necessary.
It is an outward sign of washing away sin, our sincerity and commitment to God and obedience to him!
What more can we do?
But it is important to do our best and put Christ first in everything!
He knows our names but he knows us personally on a different level.
He will know who has served him and who hasn't no matter what your name is!:)
ive never been baptised, my little sister was. hmm ok well that basicly answers my question. result? get baptised lol not now though, later.

ps. how would i go about getting baptised? i was 10 when my sister was baptised so i dont remember, well i wasent in the church at the time actualy i was in the parking lot in the car
Daniel, it is very important that baptism comes from your heart after you fully accept Christ and truly repent of your sins.
As I said, it signifies a washing away of your sins, sincerity and obedience as an outward act of your heart.
Find/ call a minister to talk to about baptism.
thats one of the reasons i said not now, im having problems giving up sin at the moment, its gonna take time for me to change my ways. i have accepted christ, but i slip alot. more than i should

You don't have to "give up sin" in order to accept Jesus Christ. You come to Him just as you are, and He will do the changing. The idea of having to be sinless in order to come to the Lord is a lie of the devil. He doesn't say, "Whosoever is perfect and shall call upon the name of Lord shall be save." He says, "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." After we are His then He will set about making us like His Son. Jesus came to seek and to save the LOST.
Not arguing with you Jon Marc but the Bible says to repent of your sins, be baptized and you will recieve the Holy Spirit.

I agree about coming as you are, to some degree, but if your heart is desiring God, isn't wanting to give up sin a step before repenting?
^^^ That should happen after you are saved, or at least, be something that you are seeking. Is that a requirement for coming in the first place?
I am not explaining myself correctly.
JM and B, yes, you come to God as you are.
I think I am trying to say that something in your heart gives you the desire to come to him and to give up sin.
And repentance is true regret and yes, only after we are saved will God give us the strength to battle sin.
Did I say that better? :):):)
that is very true, and being in depression makes you think of that, never thougthof it nor did i care before i got hit with depression.
can you baptize yourself? becous there was this skit on a cd where the guy was talking about why we only have one song in heaven or somthing, then he said "i now baptize myself in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, and in the name of jesus"
no i didnt give up sin to be saved,i wanted a better life.which i can,t get here.but with a lot of faith.if i was a mass murderer would God accept me.or if i just did it a few times after would he understand.what is the acceptable limit,i dont know,but i know i will be judged on my not perfect i try every day to be better not saved and think it doesn,t matter.
there would be no witness of course lol, i was just wondering about that, made for a good mood on the cd though. the hard part about gettign baptized is im the only "actual" christian in my entire family, my mom believes in god but dosent realy take it too serious, my aunt is athiest, my grandfather is jewish, my grandmother is jewish. the only reason my sister was baptized is becous her father (no relation to me) is somewhat of a christian, he is a christian but dosent live it, he is a drunk and does drugs sometimes, although he has read the bible three times completly. right now he is in a drug rehibilitation center, so he cant witness it
The book of life

The book of life in one way is the bible as to convey the message of the bible correctly will With Gods help bring life but the answer to your question is the book of life is as violet said Gods book,your name is added after you are born again which occurs at baptism but can be removed so do not think once saved always saved and also clement's name the bible says is in the lambs book of life and he was the Bishop of Rome in the late first century and early second century so i think him writings can be trusted and no i am not roman catholic i am Coptic Orthodox
here is a link that has some of clements writing in it

May The Lord Bless