The cook~

I hate cooking, but do the cooking most of the time. My husband is brilliant with cooking and baking, but work full-time, and i'm the housewife, so I must cook! :rolleyes::rolleyes: I love it when my husband barbeque (braai - we call it here) for us.
My wife is an excellent cook but I am reasonably good so when she is feeling in neeed of a rest I do the cooking. With baking it is the opposite. I am the baker. Not really sure how that happened.
(Comment to Sky... We had a braai yesterday even though our guests thought it was a bbq:rolleyes:)
We split it pretty much 50/50. I'm the one to cook the tried and true foods and Toby is the one to experiment. He likes to make up recipes and try new things.

We eat pretty much anything from bland to super spicy. Our whole family is VERY fond of pasta dishes and steak. :)

Now baking...ugh - I don't like to bake. Toby and Emily (my daughter) are the bakers!