The Cosmic Coke Machine

So many times, while watching celebrity preachers on TV, I've listened to sermons that treat our relationship to God as one would treat a genie or as if God were some sort of coke machine.
You know. Put in your tithe money. Press a prayer button a whalah, an ice cold request instantaneously answered. If not answered, well then, just keep feeding in more money until you get the desired results. Just have faith....the coke machine will work eventually.
All the while, so many fail to teach, it is God pushing our buttons and waiting to see what we will produce for Him.
That was very creative. I dont watch tv preachers, but i have and i want to talk to them and tell them to stop brain washing people with health and wealth.

But who am i to these super men.
Hi Chris. I just hope I can learn to be a good coke machine and not get thrown out into the trash heap at the end of the day. It just hurts so much when God works on me. I just wish He'd hurry up and finish and He just hopes I'll start spitt'n out good cokes. Well......we both wish I'd start spitt'n out good cokes.

But yeah. I don't watch the celebrity preachers too much anymore. My mother sends them hundreds of dollars and warns me not to refer to Benny Hinn as a strutting peacock. "I shouldn't blaspheme the men of God like that" she says.