The Cove

In case you haven't heard

I'm not a member of PETA, I've been known in the past, to wear a fur, and at least once a year, I have a tuna fish sandwhich. I'm seriously wondering if they were eating unicorn meat prior to the flood and that's why they couldn't find any when the ark first started to float.

Dolphins are known to have a language. Thru the centuries, there are stories galore of Dolphins, natural enemies to sharks, saving human beings from being eaten. But we don't have long to worry about sharks because they have become an expensive appetizer in the form of shark fin soup for the wealthy and are bordering on extinct. The news article indicates that Japan is defending the herding and trapping 100's of dolphins as "traditional". I don't think 1969 (according to The Cove documentary) counts as traditional. There is a tradition, hundreds of years old where Polynesian? sailors work in concert with Dolphins to herd fish into a cove/beach and when the fish are gathered -the dolphins are given a share. Maybe they should have taken a number and got in line. If the Dolphins had a newspaper - the headline would be "Humans suck."

Sorry for the rant. I have never knowingly ate: cat, dog, horse, whale, shark, human flesh and I pray God, that if I ever unknowingly do, He will let me throw it up - Because, sincerely - I would rather starve to death.