The Crazy Shopping Network's President Day Weekend Sale

The Crazy Shopping Network's President Day Weekend Sale

Welcome to the Crazy Shopping Network (CSN) President's Day Weekend Sale Catalog!

Great prices on all your favorite items!

30-Day money back guarantee on all products!

Cold? Too cheap to turn on the heater?
Buy this!!
It's the new, Electric Huggy-Bunny - a large, oversized rat...I mean, bear, that squeezes you with its electric, warm softness. Runs on batteries, keeps you warm for hours!

No gas? No gas station in sight? With these high prices...we can't blame you!
Buy the Ultimate-Gas-Lighter. It's a small little ball of gas you throw in your car with a match and go-go-go! Plus, it lasts for hours and burns out once the car stops. Comes in a pack of 100 plus an extra twenty-pack of the Super-Flame Gas Lighter Ball. Works 10x better AND faster than regular!! Weee!

Need help washing all those dirty, stinky, nasty clothes? We've got the solution for you. Just add one of our Hydrochloclean packets into your bath tub with some water, add all your clothes, stir, and you're done! Watch as the amazing mix of hydrochloric acid and baking soda work wonders on your clothes. Amazing!

Hungry? Too lazy to feed yourself? Buy the Automatic Food Dispenser, a floating robotic arm that gives your food without you ever having to move. You'll be 'stuffed'!

Dinner tonight will be much easier with our new, Jump-in-yo-Mouth Buffalo Wings and Dancing Dogs hot dogs. These delicious new items move by themselves and entertain at the same time.

Order today and get free express shipping by bomb directly onto your house! All orders are our special President's Day price of only $19.95 plus Shipping & Handling, CA & NJ residents consider tax payments as well, we'll even add in super-duper fast shipping by nuclear blast!