The Deity of Jesus Christ

The Deity of Jesus Christ

"While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, Saying, What think ye of Christ? Whose son is he?..." Matt. 22:41-42.

As it was some 2000 years ago there are those today even with the written proof and the preaching of the WORD (although it may be slim) still deny the Deity of Yeshua (Jesus Christ). May His TRUTH be revealed to the hearts of the uncertain as it was to the Disciples so the harvest can be fulfilled.
Below is the Biblical word that will illustrate His Authority and Holiness.
Psalm 110:
The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.

Anyone who reads the bible, whether old or new Test. cannot deny the deity of Christ


Thanks freedom..... Anyone who is in doubt and wants to debate with others who challenge this fact.... there are some good points there.

I can agree with watchman anyone who reads and studies the Bible will have no question about the Diety of Jesus Christ. He reveals Himself in our own lives as we submit to His Word and to the Holy Spirit.
Good topic, but it needs to be explored more. What really is it that makes Christ one with God? Is it just that he says that he is? Let me issue a word of caution, the proof has to be in the Old Testament and in the life of Christ. Paul might say that Jesus is God, but Paul was a follower. That is like a devotee of Huckabee saying that Huckabee was born to be President. But if that assertion is true, where is the proof and where is the pudding?
The proof lies in the beginning. God never changes, He remains the same yesterday, today and forever. We can go into detail, but I know it has already been done so to avoid duping a post I will leave it at that.
That's true, the proof is in the beginning and the nature of Christ is revealed in the OT. Jesus said to the Pharasees, who knew the OT well, that if they didn't believe the Prophets (Jesus was using the Prophets to establish his legitimacy), then they should believe the works that he did. So, he reminded them that:

1. No man can serve two masters.
2. No man could do the works that he did if he were of the devil.

But to show that Christ is God we have to start with, for example Isaiah, who said that the Messiah was going to be the Emmanuel or God with us in the flesh. Some of the other verses already posted are also on the right track. But how else do we show this? Well, we have prophecies that delineated aspects of the Messiah that when fulfilled would attest to his legitimacy. Then there is the character of God, the Elohim or plurality of God. That in itself is not sufficient but, like a puzzle, it helps in conjunction with other pieces. What else can be said?