The Devil Used To Talk To Me.

Don't want to tell to much, but he talked in my head often. He tried to possess me but God had a plan to save me. What a miserable person was I. How can the devil or his demons talk to us and God cannot? The world thinks that it is themselves thinking. They don't catch him, for he uses stealth hiding like hijackers in a computer. They only rise up if you try to remove them with anti-spyware.

The devil is a thief and robber of God's people blessings. Jn.10:
Jesus came to give us abundant life. We have to have a believing faith in his promises.
God speaks also according to Jn.10:27 my sheep know my voice.

sin or darkness hide God from us. When we confess and put sin under the blood he can restore us to fellowship.
God loves to be thanked and praised, that is faith in action.
The devil's domain is the world in it's physical state...with all its deceptive temptations. To get closer to God, one must become like the spirit, both in heart and mind. Faith is as good as money in the bank, in fact; faith is better than any earthly thing.
That is a absolute fact Robert. Have been looking a long time for someone to make a statement like that. Walking in the Spirit, Gal. 2:20 is like carry your cross. Death to the flesh and it's appetites and walk in the Spirit is awesome teaching. Faith pleases God, that helped me see there is something I can do to give thanks to him. The changed mind helps us see that miracles is a normal way of life.