The divine nature of Jesus

Colin Feener

All the miracles of Jesus also show his divine nature. Jesus healed the blind and when you read the bible he can heal the eyes of those who do not hear and then they can see the majesty of God's kingdom. he can heal you ears so you hear God's glorious voice and give you a tongue that can praise God in all his righteousness. He heals the withered hands and when we are in God's council we are in his hands. It is said Jesus walked on water but the sea is also the sea of iniquity and he will never sink into that and when peter took his hand he rose up above it too. Taking the council of Jesus brings you up out of the great sea of disbelief. The teachings of this world are unclean and defile a man and he made the people with lepracy clean again. When the woman with the blood disorder touched the hem of Jesus' robe compassion flowed threw him and she was healed. We must be washed in the blood of Jesus and a man's teachings are is blood and when we touch the robe of Jesus we also are healed of this ministration problem and the word of God is a robe we put on when we learn the word of God. Wisdom is as robe of honor and we put it about us as a robe of honor, understanding is a robe of majesty we wear and it comes with the understanding of God. Righteous is as a crown we wear when we attain it and it is given with the robe of Jesus' righteousness . Jesus broke the bread and feed the multitudes and the bible id your daily bread but it must be broken and feed to us from the Lord to nurish out bodies spiritually when we hunger for God. Jesus feed the people the few small fishes and he also makes people fishers of men. The word is first like a great net and people are like fish and teachings these teachings without understanding is like feeding people fish and those fish multiple as more people are captivated by those teachings. Some people are paralized in their spiritual growth and can't move but the teachings are Jesus heals them and they can pick themselves up and move. Because of the sin of the world people are asleep in the word and some say even spiritually dead but like the little girl jesus can bring them back to life and then they must be feed the nurishment of the word in spirit and in truth. When you become a disciple of Jesus , he will alway provide a fish with a gold peace in his mouth or a person to help you with the ministry costs and needs.

Well these are some divine natures of the Lord and these things happen all the time but yet people do not see them but I tell you the word is also with a divine nature and these things are what Paul was talking about when he threw his letters in the bible.