The End Times

The End Times

It sounds terrifying, you think the end times have started already. I think they're just getting started, but not nearly as bad as it is going to get. I'm a little scared, even though I know Jesus Christ will come and everything will be alright, its still so scary to think about. Do you think the antichrist is among us?? I kinda wish that all the people I love and care for as of now get saved and are in eternal rest during this time because its going to be misery. I hope alot of people get saved, even those I don't get along with well. The bible says that it won't happen until the gospel has been preached to the four corners of the earth. I know I choose Jesus, I hope many do cause it going to be crazy...
Littleone - From a technical scriptural standpoint, almost all of the answers to your questions can be found in the Book of Revelation. I'd like to ask that you read it very carefully from an Authorized King James Version Bible of 1611 to start with. Along with the KJV bible, please use a pre 1991 "Strong's Complete Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible" from 'Thomas Nelson Publishing'. The Concordance will allow you to take ALL of the words in the KJV Book of Revelation back to the original Greek language word meanings so you can research for yourself what the prophesy is as contained in the Book of Revelation.

If you do not own a vintage 'Strong's Concordance', you can use the on-line version for word searches as found here:

Strong's Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon

Simply take any word in the King James Version Bible [ NOT the New King James Version !!!] and insert it in the top search block. You will then be taken to a data page which will give you the word locations in the bible as well as a complete word usage analysis from the original scriptural language. That way, there will be no confusion as to the content of the passages in Revelation and you can see for yourself what must transpire before the last Trumpet sounds.

Blessings to you and best of luck in your studies.

Do you know that God can give you peace in the midst of war? Plenty in times of famine? Love and hope in the time of hopelessness and healing in the time of sickness. He created the heavens and earth by his great power and it is good. He has a perfect plan and it is wonderful and amazing. Be strong and courageous, trust.