The Eternal Light

Pastor Gary

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Senior Moderator
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The Eternal Light

Good Day, Friends; As we travel forward on the Path of Life, there are temptations in the form of boulders, stones and pebbles that get in our way. If we are in God's Word, follow His teachings and love Him as Our Father, there is nothing in our path that we can not overcome with His help. Our adherence to God's Word and our love for Him makes the boulders on that path become stones and the stones become pebbles and the pebbles are easily moved out of our way.

We occasionally will stumble along the way because we didn't see the stones... but as we travel on, the Path is lit brighter and brighter in His Eternal Light and the stumbling stones can be avoided. God Bless you.


Beautiful word Pastor Gary. Thanks. We only have one path in our life and who we follow down that path is of utmost importance. Yes we will stumble over the bolders but with Christ as our guide like you said those stones become smaller and we know that He is our source of strength.:):):shepherd::shepherd:


Amen. That reminds me of Issac unstopping his fathers wells in order to get to the life giving spring beneath.