The Fathers Intention, Final Part

There are at least three things necessary to the believer who is going forward in the Lord. These three things form a foundation for searching the Scriptures.

First, the one thing you must do if you are to understand the final gospel is to see how Jesus showed Paul how it was to be interpreted. In first Thessalonians 5:23 Paul lays out the fact that the human is tripartite. That is, he is composed of body, soul and spirit. This is a template showing how all of the final gospel given to Paul is to be laid out. Everything Paul receives from Christ will fit this template. As you read the Scriptures, you will see how the Lord deals with the tripartite human.

Second, you must learn to rightly divide the Scriptures. Even in Paul's epistles he says things directly to Israel that do not belong to Gentiles. He is attempting to reach Israel with the final gospel as his heart burns with desire to see Israel saved. While these are good and often blessed truths, they belong to the one Paul is talking to. There are many occasions where truth that belongs to Israel does not belong to the church.

Third, Paul lays out the fact that salvation has three phases. The verse directly dealing with this is found in second Corinthian's 1:10. There are three very obvious aspects of the one salvation.

1) The Scripture says, " we are delivered from so great a death." The death mentioned here refers to the end of sin being death. Adam's sin and the old nature are all under the sentence of death. Salvation puts the old sin nature out and brings in a new nature. Salvation is the deliverance from death to life. This part of salvation is in our spirit and is complete the moment we believe on Christ as our savior. This phase of salvation is perfect, for he that is joined to our spirit is perfect.

2) The next line in this verse simply says "and doth deliver." This is the second phase of salvation. Doth deliver means there is a work of salvation going on continuously in our souls. This is because it has to do with our love affair with the Christ in us. Actually while we are saved instantly in our spirit, the salvation of our mind, will and emotions and (our hearts) is progress. This phase of salvation will continue throughout eternity and is imperfect.

3) The third phase of salvation is "yet to be delivered." This speaks of our bodies. Our bodies are corruptible and without renewal until the resurrection morning. Then we will have the final phase of salvation, and incorruptible body, first Corinthians 15:52–54. You can see that the template of the tripartite human is wisely used by the apostle Paul in this verse.

This was not of his own wisdom, it was a part of the final gospel Christ gave to the apostle Paul.

Undoubtedly the ongoing will believer will come to the new wisdom as he grows in Christ, first Corinthians 2:4–12. These verses should be studied until the believer is gripped with the true wisdom from Christ, first Corinthians 1:30, which speaks up a different knowledge to the ongoing believer than the world or religion has ever spoken.