The Field - A Christian's Journal In Progress



The Field - A Christian's Journal In Progress

Something I just got inspired to write based on my visualizations as they happened. It's just jotted down as I went along, but I would like to continue this throughout my journey, like a journal, and make it more accurate and make it cover more ground. It's certainly not all I can write about, but I gotta stop somewhere for now.

The Field - Reality and Truth - God

Visualize as you read and keep the visuals you come up with as you keep reading.

You are in a huge field.

It is pitch black. You cannot actually see anything in the field.

You have no idea how big the field is.

You have no idea what is beyond it, or if it even ends.

You cannot see to know who or what is there with you.

But you have a voice guiding you through the field. You know this voice as the Holy Spirit.

The field is true reality. In which you can see nothing.

All you can see is your thoughts. That which you instinctively believe to be part of reality, and exist in the field.

There are many storm clouds floating above the field.

Once in a while you find you are suddenly under a storm cloud.

You can no longer hear the guiding voice when you listen for it.

All you can do is run until you are no longer under the storm cloud.

Then you can hear his voice again.

The more you do what this voice tells you, the more you become like the one you know as Jesus.

His example brings to you a set of morals, values, and ways to be, that the voice tells you to live by.

You don't hear Jesus in the field, so you have to trust the voice when it says that Jesus is the way to God.

So in your thoughts, the reality of which, you can only assume actually exists in the field, you learn what Jesus has to say.

Next time you find yourself under a storm cloud, you remember that Jesus is the way. So you ask yourself "What would Jesus do?" Having faith that the voice is the voice of truth, you do what Jesus would do, and you find yourself out from under the storm cloud faster than before.

The voice tells you that you are now closer to Jesus the Son and God the Father. The voice hasn't lied to you so far so you rejoice.

Your thoughts get the best of you and you walk away from where the voice is telling you to go. Suddenly you find yourself under another storm cloud.

This time your ears are better because of what Jesus has taught you about listening. You hear the voice again through the storm, and you get out of there.

The voice guides you again to a place in the feild where you can learn more from Jesus, so that this will hopefully never happen again.

Jesus teaches you that the thoughts that lured you into the storm, were put there by a spirit. He tells you that these spirits reside in the storms, and disguise their voices to sound friendly and seduce you. They offer you many things, but will hold you there in the storm.

You thank God for sending Jesus to teach you and the Holy Spirit to guide you through the feild. You praise him and admit he must be all he claims. You repent for having disobeyed and wondering off into the storms he was trying to guide you around.

He forgives you and gives you still the voice to guide you.

Jesus has now taught you that the storms are constantly harming every bit of land and every soul that lie within them, and that by wondering off into the storms, you are harming not only yourself, but other souls that can hear you, and are drawn to you.

You then are providing a place for a spirit to reside. A spirit just like the ones that have lured you into storms in the past.

You are sickened by how you have contributed to the evil that is against God, and you have displeased him. That easily you have contributed to the circle of sin that crucified Jesus the son of God.

But you are completely forgiven, because Jesus was obedient and followed his fathers voice until the end, dying for your sins.

You thank the Lord Jesus and praise and worship God and find yourself closer to him than ever before.

You have a new understanding of his love for you and what he wants for you. No matter where your thoughts tell you to go, he is always guiding you the right way.

Jesus tells you the mysteries of reality will never be completely clear to you until the light is turned on, and that day will come. until then, he will teach you how to feel what of your thoughts actually exist in the field.

He asks you to stay with him by following the voice. So that you will be a fisher of men, and draw men from storms.

You now begin to feel the other souls that are following the voice. And you find companionship with them.

You also feel the presence of Jesus, walkign with you and the others through the field.

You feel the love. And you now start to understand what love really is.

You also feel the presence of God. You now have more of a feel for the direction in which to find God.

Because of this you realize that the voice you have been listening to, really is coming from God's direction.

You realize it really is the voice of truth.

Jesus helps you also to see the souls that reside in the storms. They believe their thoughts and are not following the voice of truth.

They cannot even hear the voice, they are so lost.

Jesus tells you that the love of God can show them the way out, and he will show you how you can help them.

Jesus tells you the love of God will be shown to them by you if you listen to the voice when it tells you to love.

And they will hear you outside of the storm, if you continue to follow the voice, learn the word of God, and do as Jesus teaches.

You will then provide a place for a spirit. One that can draw souls out of storms, where they too will get another chance to hear the voice and learn where it's coming from.