The fishing thread

All depends on what type of fish you're catching and where you are in the world. Lake fish may not hit in the mid day heat, but the fish in a fast moving river don't even notice the sun. Everything is dependent on what fish you'd like to catch
Yes, have a look if there is a fishing website for your area. That is the best way to learn about the various fish, which makes good eating fish and what they like to eat.
Around here - suspect all over, chokka seems to make a very good bait for all species fish.
then there are things to consider like float fishing, spinning and so on to learn - but it's generally not to hectic to get into it.

I personally had much less success with lures than with bait - but bait is a bit more cumbersome to use.

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Lanolin - please take a look at the link below for information for your general area... it may be of some assistance...

If you look to the right under the "FISHING" header, you will see a click line that says "NZ Fish Species"... that will give you an idea of types and general information. Almost all of the species listed are common in many parts of the world and are all excellent for cooking or grilling.

Fish Catcher Jim

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Where to catch the fish?
Does it matter what kind they are?
What methods are used?
When is the best time to fish?

Hello Sister Lanolin,
I will just continue here what I started in the other thread where you said I must have some tricks or secrets or something like that......Shhhhhhh !!

First piece of advice........
On any given body of water you have to come to grasp this one thing -
Most of the water Most of the time has NO FISH in it.
Fish are creatures of habbit and it does not matter where they are as far as their habbits and routines go. ( I will get into that a little later )

How deep and how far to you want this thread to go Lanolin ? I mean it is your thread and I do not want to just barge in and seem to take over. What I mean is, Fishing you kidding me ? I can write forever on this. ; )

I do want to ask you a few basic questions.
Salt water / Fresh water / brackish
Stained / muddy / clear / combination

Shore fishing / boat fishing / wading
Live bait or plastic and wood and metal ?

I ask these question to get a feel for what it is you fish with your pink fishing pole. Just so you know.......Cturtle has her eye on e a pink pole in the Bass Pro Catolog too.

Once you give me a situation or scenario of where ans how you fish I can give you sometips and things to look for etc.
One more thing.......
well, I don't have a boat.
I live near a creek. there is a bridge over the creek that I have seen people fishing and catching fish. I think they were yellow tails or sprats as we call them here.
If I go further out, it would be to a wharf or jetty but the last few times I went we caught nothing.

I'm not sure what time is best - high tide, low tide, just as it 's turning?
Baits - bread. I've heard squid is good for salt water, and pilchards, but we were getting bites but not catching anything. I thought our hooks were too big. We saw other people catching little pipers.
Also mussels seems to be a good bait.

What I'd best like to catch is whitebait, but, not really sure when it runs here. They only run infrequently and we have to catch them with a net when they do. Whitebait is the best tasting, IMHO. They are tiny little white fish and you cook them up to make fritters.

I'm really excited. My dad has no clue about fishing but we would just try our luck from the wharf when we were little. The times I did catch anything, it was just in the creek from the jetty using bread as bait.
Saltwater fish tend to not go for bread and such, that is for fresh water fishing, sea fish kind of East what humans, or some, will eat from the sea, other fish and other creatures, worms, squid and prawns.
But again it depends if we are talking about fishing for fish or fishing for men.