The " Forever " Family

The " Forever " Family

In my readings in Acts 2. I discovered a oneness or one accord that I am sure you all know but just a little refresher.

Pentecost resulted in a common binding together of God's family. Before Christ's death and resurection , Jesus himself had been the unifying factor , but this had been limiting because the Lord has been confined to his earthly body.

Now the indwelling Holy Spirit given without measure, was to bring together all those who believed in Him.

We are reminded as a Christian family that we can cross all barriers, borders, language, and culture to a " Oneness" of a binding " Forever Family "

We can embrace other Christians with open arms even if we do not know them.... knowing that our sense of belonging to the" Family of God" unifies us and gives us a real sense of " Oneness ". We can have very little in common but our Faith in Christ which gives us a sense of knowing the person for a long time.:heart::heart::king:

Lets always embrace our fellow Christians with love and the common bond that can never be broken.... our love , faith and belief in our Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ. God Bless.:groupray::groupray:

The little song " Bind us together , Lord , bind us together " comes to mind
Amen brother in Christ Jesus tol His disciples that by this will the world to know that we are His disciples that we should love one another how can i say that i love God whom i have not seen if i cnt love a brother and sister whom i can see God bless
Praise God you guys. It is not my thoughts but I give the credit to Holy Spirit . I could not do it without Him. I am so happy that you are blessed as He blesses me , I just want to pass on the blesssing.

I am so happy for CFS and the family of God my special family. It is a sense of belonging and that is what binds us together ...... Belonging.

Family :groupray::groupray::king::king::king: He is our King of Kings and Lord of Lords