The gift of life

The gift of life

Life is a precious thing. It is something we are surrounded by just as much as we are surrounded by death. It is a never ending cycle.

Popular culture, at many times, presents death in a gruesome and horrible light when in many ways, in death we gain. As children of God we know that in death there is life.

Death is an essential part of the growth of this earth. Old trees in a forest must die to create new life - otherwise sunlight, water, and other nutrients would not reach down to the forest seeds.

For a new blossom on a flower to bloom the old bloom must die and be pruned, otherwise the plant will focus on older, dead blooms and will not focus on young blossoms.

God gave us a gift of knowing that we would not have to suffer in death nor fear death, for He gave us a greater and much more special promise. Christ did not come just for fun, or just to teach us about the importance of the Lord or His wisdom - He gave us hope and freedom from the cycle of sin. We are freed from sacrifices and the curse of sin through belief in His Son.