the great event ( part 1)

the great event ( part 1)

The great event

They where a huge area in the forest, there were a different kinds of animals lived in it. One day a dinosaur came and started to put hedgehogs around the border, and then he started to catch and hunt all the animals, putting them separately in iron cages. Then he started to give them limited food, some times he gave him the carcass of his victims. He chooses the cobra to be the prompter of all. He didn’t allow anyone to communicate with each other.

After many years of captured a group of explorer heard about what was going on. The team composed from the president phoenix he is the escort of his two assistance dove and lark. They decided to give the freedom to all in jail. That’s why they flew through the air for a long flight.

When they arrived at the gate of the zoo, the dinosaur went out from his castle beside the zoo and said to them “what do want in this early hour�
After a short greeting from the entire, dove started the conversation telling him “you have a hard heart; you have no merciful to those non freely creaturesâ€. The lark which is the friend mate of dove said “free them from their cages let them enjoy the nature and you will have fun with them!! The phoenix didn’t say anything at that moment because he had philosophy which is “don’t talk before you know the personality of your enemyâ€. The dinosaur chuckled and said to them “I am the best of the worst†get out from my face otherwise your fate will be similar to those stupid beasts.

In the night and in their camp near the zoo a serpent came and spoke to the phoenix “if your desire to give the freedom to all those poor animals, you pay nothing. Break the cages and let them go safely†she spoke smoothly with persuasive words to lark and dove. Then the serpent went out rustling with her tail.

The phoenix, lark and dove have special summit to negotiate the issue, after deep thinking they have decided with one voice that “the freedom is a free gift without any kind ofpaymentâ€