The Great Summer Slow Down

Back in 2005 I was working for a large corporation. Making some pretty good money. Traveling often. Promoted several times.

Life was busy.

I was miserable.

I quit.

Leaving that job coincided with the start of summer. And after much consideration (about 10 minutes), I decided to take the entire summer off, and not return to work immediately.

That summer turned out to be the best few months of my life.

New to my Catholic faith, I did a lot of spiritual reading. Learning about our Lord, our Holy Blessed Mother, and the saints who served them well.

I also went for a morning jog everyday. Well, actually, I jogged once or twice, and then realized that walking is more my thing.

I sat on my deck and observed birds and surrounding nature.

I hung laundry on a clothesline everyday, instead of using a dryer.

My love for gardening and landscaping began that summer.

Another thing worth mentioning about that summer – I was broke. Well, ok, not broke, but I didn’t have an income coming in and my savings at the time was pretty non-existent.

I didn’t have the option of doing many fun (i.e. costly) things that summer, so I had to create my own enjoyment by experiencing things that were free.

Looking back on that summer, the things that resulted in my best memories were things that forced me to simply slow down, and to observe the world – or at least my own back yard.

Did you know that a Carolina Wren sounds just like an angry little Italian lady when you’re apparently too close to her nest?

I surely didn’t. Not before that summer.

That’s what slowing down does. It helps you to notice things.

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Thank you Grow in Virtue for sharing this. Its a wonderful reminder of how God desires for us to rest In Him, and to be able to appreciate all the wonderful things that He has created.

When i first moved to where i am now....God did that to me as well. But learning to slow down was not easy for me. However i was able to slow down and experience or see how the trees bud in the spring time, and many baby animals and has been very refreshing and definitely has caused my spirit to grow...because i now am learning to focus only on God and growing in His love for me and the world.