The guiding light of heaven ...

May 6, 2020
South Carolina
In the darkness I awoke and I could feel the chill of a deep fog that surrounded me, and I had awareness that I was upon a small boat and was drifting in a fog so dense that I could not see. I could hear the sound of the water against the side of the boat but I could not see beyond the darkness of the fog. I called out unto the Lord and sought him to send me his guiding light from heaven so that I would not perish. Before my prayer was ended a bright light came from in front of me and I could see the water and the bow of the small boat and I praised the Lord. The light was not as a lighthouse that would go in a circular motion, it was a bright and constant light that shown upon the water as I moved forward.
Darkness as a great fog covers our nation, and many have become lost in the fog for they have removed their eyes from the guiding light of heaven. Seek the light to shine brightly into the fog of darkness, and seek for those who drift in the deep darkness to see the heavenly light that guides, for there is deliverance, peace, and salvation when the guiding light of heaven penetrates the great darkness to guide the lost safely upon their way.